CSLWeb Site Editor Ver:3.0

The CSLWeb Site Editor has now had an upgrade. This has added several new features and resolved several minor issues that, while not causing errors, made site editing a slightly more complex process. The new version addresses these issues and simplifies the creation of dynamic and stylish websites.

Enhanced Sales Capability

The new site engine has much better integration with the Paypal payment system including the use of the Paypal Instant Payment Notification system (IPN). This means that not only multiple stock items can be offered for sale, but single items can be sold without the worry of overselling. If a user clicks the 'Add to Cart' button on a single item, this button is no longer displayed meaning that refunds for no longer available items are no longer required. However, should the purchase be aborted by the user, the item is returned to stock, allowing the 'Add to Cart' button to reappear.

Mobile Ready

With the wide spread of mobile 'touchscreen' devices, a new menu system was required that did not employ the 'hover' function for displaying submenus. The new system detects a touchscreen device and displays a simpler menu system that has a lower bandwidth requirement and no longer uses the hover function. Tested on Apple iPod Touch, HTC Android phones, and Asus Transformer tablets, the new menu system functions smoothly while using very little data bandwidth.

System Constants

To maintain a website wide 'look and feel', the new system has defaults for Font, Font Size and Colour that can be set in the the system constants that eases the creation of a standard look and feel. The site owner can still set these by paragraph where required.

Dynamic Image Resizing

Images displayed on the site can be set to resize dynamically to fit in the available space and resize automatically should the user alter the size of the browser window.

Page and Paragraph Ordering

A new feature allows the web editor to reorder Pages and paragraphs. This allows new content to be placed in between existing content. A useful feature for larger pages.


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