Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
in association with ACPO
(Association of Chief Police Officers)

Charterway has worked closely with the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care to create an online manual for officers in the front line. This manual provides vital information to officers when attending to trauma patients. Easily editable by the Faculty, the manual is a valuable, up to date asset.


Charterway continues to maintain this useful utility providing meanings for both Acronyms, Text and Abbreviations. Free to all users of the web, the application can also receive updates from users.

CSL_WEB Version 3

Having finished a major update, Charterway has used this content management system to generate this site. It allows the user to maintain a website simply and effectively while taking payments for goods and services via PayPal. With even more flexibility, the user can generate complex, attractive websites with no need for any technical knowledge. With a new WYSIWYG editor, website construction is simple and rapid.


Charterway has now developed a new chat system that works across all browsers including mobile devices. This allows companies to host a chat system for support, sales etc. Instant communication with their customers! To visit the website for QuikChat just click HERE


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