Database Design

Having started designing databases while working for a software house in London, our system designers have had extensive experience that can benefit your organisation by easing the development process.

As with Web Applications our knowledge of the way in which businesses of all sorts work will help us see the essential core operating method of your organisation. With nearly 25 years in software development, we have worked to help all sorts of organisations from small startups, one man bands, medium sized and large corporations through to joint venture projects between multinationals and governments.

System Specification

The first part of the development process has to be a careful and thorough analysis of the requirement. This is then expressed as a system specification that through an iterative process of review, provides a clear and concise structure for development. In our experience, staff liason at this stage can significantly improve the outcome. Once this specification is agreed upon by both parties, the next stage is...


The coding phase is always the easiest, providing the specification process has been completed thoroughly. Frequently, this can be completed in a modular fashion, allowing for each section of code to be verified by..


This section is vital to ensure client satisfaction. If the specification has been agreed and the coding done according to specification, this phase is akin to proofreading a document and upon completion leads to..


The final phase of development is generally a hand holding exercise, with the clients staff being helped to become familiar with the new system. Charterway always provides this service since introduction of new systems into an organisation is, in our experience, a delicate matter. Staff reactions can determine the success of a new system and as such every effort should be made to help smooth this process.


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